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Digital breakfast: Rights to genetic resources in a global innovative world

How should we regulate the property of genetic resources on a global scale?

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Biological samples, genetic material, genetic information and knowledge about them are the raw material to biotechnological innovation. 

Property rights to alle these resources is heavily regulated in national law and at the international level. Patents, contracts, public regulation and customary rights are all relevant to creating and maintaining property rights over parts of biology and innovation based on them. One of the hot topics globally today whether and how genetic information in digital format is covered by these regulations

This breakfast talk will deal with the global regulation of property to genetic resources.


The speaker, Morten Walløe Tvedt, has worked at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute before he resumed the responsibility for «Bioinnovation law» and «Constitutional law» at Molde University College. His latest publication is a monography in Contracts in Biotechnology with Tomme Young. He has published extensively in the area of law, property rights and iprs in biotechnology. He often takes the perspectives of the developing countries and analyses the contract situation from the perspective of the least well of.


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