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Biomatlab have organised their activities under four thematic areas, of which there are ongoing research projects:

Retrieval analysis and clinical trials of knee and hip replacements.

  • NAVIO (robotic and navigation) vs conventinal Journey II knee (RSA-study) (2020-2027). PI: 1. aman. overlege Øystein Gøthesen, PhD-cand. Ø. Skåden. Haugesund.
  • Persona study: A randomized controlled clinical and RSA study of 2 total knee replacement designs (2018-2025). A comparison of Nexgen CR and Persona CR. Project leader: MD Mona Badawy and Prof. MD Ove Furnes. PhD-cand. Kristine O. Lindemann and Jenny Austrheim Hellerud, Coastal Hospital in Hagevik/Lærdal Hospital
  • A comparative randomized study of 5 articulations in total hip replacements - 10 years of follow up with RSA, metal ion levels in blood, CT and MRI scans. Project leaders: Geir Hallan MD, PhD and Prof. Ove Furnes MD, PhD. Associated project by medical student Håkon Greve Johannessen at The Medical Student Research Programme at The Faculty of Medicine.
  • RSA and DXA 60 patients with Polar-stems versus Corail-stems. Project leader: MD, PhD Geir Hallan.

Implant failure simulation and quality control of clinical techniques

  • Cementing techniques for total knee replacements by questionnaire and experimental studies. Medical student Michelle Khan, The Medical Student Research Programme at The Faculty of Medicine

Internal exposure and biological response (biocompatibility) to wear particles and metal ions from surgical implants

  • Prospective study of blood metal ion levels after Birmingham hip resurfacing arthroplasty. Project leaders: Paul J. Høl and Kari Indrekvam
  • Reconstruction of particle-induced osteolysis in vitro. Anika J. Heincke, Rainer Bader, Mihaela Cimpan and Paul Johan Høl

Innovation of new biomaterials and medical devices