Effects of amalgam removal

Clinical trial on health effects from removal of amalgam restorations

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Concerns over adverse effects of mercury released from amalgam restorations sometimes lead patients to request removal of their amalgam restorations. Several studies report improvement of subjective health after removal of amalgam restorations, but there is a lack of randomized controlled trials on changes of symptom intensity after removal of amalgam restorations. The aim of the present project is to conduct a clinical trial on changes in symptom load after removal of all amalgam restorations in patients with symptoms related to amalgam. Patients previously referred to a specialty unit from dentists and physicians for symptoms related to amalgam restorations are included in the study. After replacement of amalgam restorations by their own dentist, the treatment group will be followed for five years. Questionnaires including Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2) and laboratory tests will be used to detect changes in health after amalgam replacement. The project is conducted in collaboration with the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bergen and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Health.

Reference: Clinical trial on health effects from removal of amalgam restorations. Bjoerkman L, Dalen K, Helland V) J Dent Res, Vol. 84 (Spec Iss A): 1192, 2005). Abstract at IADR 2005

People: Lars Björkman (principal investigator - Adverse Reaction Unit); Therese T. Sjursen (PhD-student); Knut Dalen; Vigdis Helland; Gunvor Bentung Lygre; Birgitte Fos Lundekvam; Torgils Lægreid; et al.