Bergen Retrieval Centre for Implants

The purpose of the retrieval centre at BioMatLab is to evaluate the success and failure of joint replacement devices after use and ultimately allow better treatments to be developed.

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Joint replacement devices are collected when they are being replaced or have fulfilled their function. Current research is focused on failure mechanisms for aseptic loosened hip- knee replacements. The damage sustained in vivo can reveal information about the functional performance, failure modes and potential biologic responses

We offer retrieval analysis and analytical services upon request, such as trace element analysis in blood samples and wear particle analysis in periprosthetic tissue. See more information about sample collection and shipping (retrievals, tissue and blood) in the documents below.

Biomatlab provides access to the range of multi-disciplinary skills needed to successfully undertake such research.

Close collaboration with the Norwegian Arthoplasty Registry and the Orthopaedic Clinic at Haukeland university hospital ensure that research findings are feed directly into clinical practice.