High-strength ceramics

High strength ceramics have been introduced in medicine and dentistry as an alternative to metals in many applications.

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Theoretically, the high strength ceramics, such as zirconia, used for dental crowns and bridges should be unbreakable by human mastication forces, yet in clinical use, fractures occur more often than we like. By meticulously analyzing retrieved failed dental restorations by methods commonly used in mechanical engineering, we have gained increased understanding of how and why failures occur. This understanding has been transferred to in vitro testing. We have systematically, over many years, developed more clinically relevant test methods that better mimic the complex clinical situation in the oral cavity. The new methods have helped to predict clinical performance of dental materials and to assess the effect of different variables in vitroprior to clinical applications. These methods can be applied to other biomaterials as well where fractures are a clinical problem like for instance orthopedics

The overall aim is to identify the best way to use the biomaterials available for restoring human tissues without using the patients as experimental test groups.


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