Biomechanical testing and evaluation


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The Biomaterial Research Cluster has equipment and competence in biomechanical testing of materials as well as biologic structure.

A servo-hydraulic testing biaxial machine (MTS) and an electrical uniaxial testing machine (Instron, 10 kN) are available.

The picture shows dynamic (cyclic) testing of a spine fixation system. The procedure is based on an ISO standard.

See example of cyclic testing of vertebral fixation device at YouTube

Biomechanical testing of scaffolds for tissue engineering

Mechanical properties of scaffolds can be crucial for their performance particularly in load bearing applications. Biomechanical testing has sometimes to be customized to accommodate rather soft and viscoelastic materials with an internal structure.

Responsible: Odd Johan Lundberg

Video of Tensile testing of scaffold (Video: N. R. Gjerdet, Mohamad Nageeb Hassan Copyright: IKO/UiB)

Tensile test scaffold
N.R. Gjerdet, Copyright IKO/UiB