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Tumour cells invading brain tissue

We focus on primary as well as metastatic tumours to the brain. We perform basic and translational research, with the aim to better understand how brain tumors are initiated and to better delineate the mechanisms responsible for tumor growth.

The Bjerkvig lab is part of the Translational Cancer Research Group at the Department of Biomedicine.

Video: barcoded cells from a micro-brain grown in culture invade a healthy brain. Credit: Wenjing Zhou.

Resesarch / Cancer
Forskere har funnet ut at virus sprøytet inn i hjernen kan kurere hjernekreft.

A virus to cure brain cancer

Injection of a genetically modified polio virus into the brain can give brain cancer patients several years more than normal treatment.

Cancer research
Cancer DNA

Nature: A new tool to classify tumors of the central nervous system

There are over 100 tumor types only in the central nervous system. The Translational Cancer Research Group at the Department of Biomedicine provided data and material for a new diagnostic tool that will make it easier for cancer researchers to see the difference.


Hunting down guerilla cancer cells

Professor Rolf Bjerkvig at the research group for translational cancer research explains how the researchers make miniature brains and investigate how the cells move in and out of tumor tissue

Professor Rolf Bjerkvig

Principal investigator: the lab is lead by Professor Rolf Bjerkvig. Visit his personal page