Child welfare, equity and social inclusion

The Child welfare, equality and social inclusion research group

The research group is multidisciplinary and includes research on Child Welfare, families at risk and migration related topics.

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About the ‘Child welfare, equality and social inclusion’ research group

The ‘Child welfare, equality and social inclusion’ research group is multidisciplinary and includes disciplines such as social work, health promotion, and psychology. The research group is affiliated with the Department of Health Promotion and Development, Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bergen, Norway.

Our diverse research projects involves:

  • Child welfare

  • Children and families at risk

  • Health- and welfare services from the perspectives of service users and service providers

When and where it is relevant and possible, we engage in dialogue and collaborations with external parties such as national and international research communities, local and national health and social service authorities, and service user organizations.

Overarching objectives of the research group as a forum:

  • To stimulate critical reflection through utilizing diverse perspectives, theories, and methodologies
  • To establish an arena for scientific exchanges regarding shared research interests and multidisciplinary perspectives
  • To stimulate and establish research-collaborations with internal and external parties