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Researchers in the Bergen interdisciplinary research group in geriatric medicine and their areas of interest.

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Associate professor Susanne HernesMild cognitive impairment, nutritient, patient safety, student active education  
Professor Anette Hylen RanhoffCognition, nutrition, polypharmacy, hip fractures, exercise, frailty   
Associate professor Marit S. BakkenHip fracture, polypharmacy, delirium, frailty, student active education  
Associate professor Mala NaikCognition, dementia, radiology  
Associate professor Ragnhild Eide Skogseth
Dementia, neurology, tau-protein
Associate professor Frøydis K. BruvikCognition, realtive stress and coping,   
Professor Jan-Erik GjertsenHip fracture, prosthetic surgery, perioperative treatment  
Associate professor Bård BogenHip fracture, walking and movement patterns, rehabilitation after low-energy fractures  
Assoicate professor Randi Julie TangvikNutritional epidemiology, public health nutrition, clinical intervention  
Associate professor Hanne Rosendahl-RiiseNutritional epidemiology, public health nutrition, clinical intervention in hospital and community settings.  
Consultant Elisabeth Skaar, MD, PhdCardiology, intensive care medisine  
Consultant Ole Martin Steihaug, MD, PhdSarcopenia, hip fracture, nutrition  
Katinka Alme MD PhDStroke, student active education, inflammation.  
Consultant Målfrid Holen Kristoffernsen, MD, PhdHip fracture, cognitive impairment  
Gabriele Leonie Schwarz   
Ida Kristine SangnesResearch coordinator  
Consultant Haakon Ramsland Hol, MD, PhDMild cognitive impairment, computerized working memory training, radiology  
Phd. student consultant Per R. Nordnes, MDMild cognitive impairment, computerized working memory training, cognition  
Phd. student Isabel Sebjørnsen, MDFrailty in emergency primary health care  
Phd. student consultant Mari Schibstad
Mild cognitive impairment, computerized working memory training, cognition