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Fulbright Scholarship to Susanne Hernes

Fulbright Scholarship to Susanne Hernes

Associate professor Susanne Hernes from the Bergens Oldest (BOLD) research group received a travel grant today from the Fulbright Foundation.

Associate professor Susanne Hernes
Susanne Hernes

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"The funding will be put to good use to continue my present research on neurocognitive training in Mild Cognitive Impairment", she says. Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is a condition characterized by a reduction in cognitive function not significant enough to be classified as dementia. Patients suffering from MCI have a higher risk of transformation into dementia, compared to the general population. In the present randomized controlled double-blinded multicenter study MCI-patients receive computerized memory training at a presumptive effective or a placebo level. Several researchers are working on this large multi-center, headquartered from the Sorlandet Lifespan Neurocognitive research group at Sorlandet Hospital Arendal. 

 "The money from the travel grant will give me the opportunity to travel to our collaborate laboratory in Hawaii to investigate a possible genetic marker indicating increased effects of computerized working memory training", Susanne Hernes says. She is planning to leave early August for a three month stay.