The Research Group of Immunology and Rheumatology

Roland Jonsson Group

We are striving to develop reliable biomarkers for rheumatic diseases by studying the immunopathogesis of strictly stratified patient samples.


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Chronic inflammatory diseases are a plague of mankind at the beginning of the XXI century. Development of specific and highly efficient drugs together with novel immunotherapy approaches requires not only state-of-the-art knowledge of underlying immune pathways in the context of genetic predisposition, but importantly new and better biomarkers predicting risk, diagnosis, patient stratification, prognostication (which patients will benefit from which drug), and efficacy.For this purpose, high quality data are collected in health registries for autoimmune diseases like primary Sjögren’s syndrome to build a powerful prediction tool for validation of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.



1. Development of intelligent strategies for patient stratification through current and next-generation biomarker analysis platforms;

2. Generation of new in-depth knowledge on the mechanisms of disease development to predict new targets for therapies;

3. Personalizing therapy of rheumatic diseases by applying biomarkers for diagnosis, patient stratification and monitoring.