The Research Group of Immunology and Rheumatology

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Completed doctoral degrees with contributions from the Broegelmann Research Laboratory, University of Bergen, 1962 –

Research Directors, Broegelmann Research Laboratory

1962 – 1980    Olav Tønder

1980 – 1990    Roald Matre

1991 –             Roland Jonsson

Doctoral Thesis


Olav Tønder Studies on the mechanism of the Waaler-Rose test          


Jacob B. Natvig Studies on the specificities of γG-globulin anti-γ-globulin factors in human sera

Tor Hofstad Studies on the antigenic structure of the 80/81 complex of Staphylococcus aureus


Johan A Mæland Serological and chemical characterization of Neisseria gonorrhoeae endotoxin


Hans-Kristian Krogh Antibodies to stratum corneum in man – with special reference to immune adherence with skin tissue sections


Johan A Aarli Muscle antibodies in myasthenia gravis


Bodil Larsen Immunoglobulins in hibernating and non-hibernating hedgehogs


Bjørn Haneberg Immunoglobulins in feces from infants and children


Roald Matre Receptors in human tissue for IgG and for the third component of complement

Gudbrand Fossan IgG-antibodies in the human cerebrospinal fluid. Effect of phenytoin on the antibody respons


Are Næss Lymphocyte subpopulations in cerebrospinal fluid and blood 

Finn Wesenberg IgG, other proteins and Fc receptors associated with human malignant tissues              


Harald Nyland Immunological markers in human nervous system, with special regard to demyelinating diseases


Jens Roar Bjerke Immunological and histochemical studies on mononuclear cells in inflammatory skin lesions, with special reference to psoriasis 


Nils Erik Gilhus Effects of anti-epileptic drugs on the human immune system


Carl W Janssen Immunoglobulins, complement and carcinoembryonic antigen in patients with gastric carcinoma


Alfred Halstensen Meningococcal disease: clinical and immunological studies


Thormod Bjerkeset Colorectal cancer: aspects on histopathology, immunology, treatment and prognosis


Anne Christine Johannessen Immunological studies of apical and marginal periodontitis

Christian A Vedeler Receptors for IgG and for C3b/C4b in human peripheral nerves 


John Karsten Livden Interferons and receptors for IgG in patients with psoriasis


Anne Lone Wollen A morphological, immunohistochemical and biochemical study of the human fallopian tube - with special reference to women using an intrauterine contraceptive device


Åse Mygland Autoantibodies in patients with myasthenia gravis and thymoma: identification and characterization of anti-ryanodine receptor and anti-titin antibodies

Marie Wahren Autoimmunity to the Ro/SSA and La/SSB antigens in rheumatic disease 


Sissel Torgersen Biocompatibility of fixation devices used in maxillofacial surgery 

Karl A Brokstad Qualitative, quantitative and kinetic aspects of the humoral immune response induced systemically and locally after influenza vaccination

Elling Ulvestad Immune mediated demyelination in multiple sclerosis: a critical role for microglia


Kathrine Skarstein Autoimmunity and pathogenesis of murine sialadenitis

Line Bjørge Complement regulatory proteins in malignancies

Johan G Brun Calprotectin in inflammatory rheumatic diseases - clinical and experimental studies

Einar Kristoffersen Human placental Fcγ-binding proteins in the maternofetal transfer of IgG


Inge Fristad Dental innervation - functions and plasticity following peripheral injury

Mihaela Cuida Host defence factors in Sjögren's syndrome with special reference to calprotectin


Knut Hordnes Mucosal immunity to group B streptococci in the female genital tract - prospects for development of a mucosal vaccin

Vaska Vandevska-Radunovic Neural modulation of inflammatory reactions in rat dental tissues incident to orthodontic tooth movemen

Ånen Aarli Annexin II - an IgG-binding protein with immunosuppressive properties 


Pia Tengnér Immune responses to the Ro and La autoantigens

Tone Skeie Jensen Complement regulatory protein and factors with immunomodulatory properties in human reproduction

Anne Kristine Halse Autoimmunity to Ro/SSA and La/SSB in Sjögren's syndrome


Maya Tigalonova IgG receptors and cytokines in skin and serum from healthy individuals and patients with psoriasis

Kanzal EE Elagib Characterization of autoantibodies in primary Sjögren´s syndrome; Analysis of immunoglobulin variable region gene

Sabai Phyu Mouse models for latent and slowly progressive tuberculosis: host immune responses and importance of compartmentalization

Anne Ma Dyrhol-Riise Human immunodeficiency virus type I (HIV-1) infection and highly active antiretroviral therapy; Virus dynamics and immune reconstitution in blood and tonsillar tissue

Tehmina Mustafa Murine models of chronic tuberculosis: significance of granuloma morphology, apoptosis and immune evasion


Lado Lako Loro Apoptosis in oral squamous cell carcinoma


Janne Ø Bohnhorst B cell sub-populations in healthy donors and patients with primary Sjögren´s syndrome

Britt Nakken The genetics of Sjögren´s syndrome: Candidate gene analyses and genome-wide linkage studies

Maria Ohlsson Apoptosis, autoantigens and autoantibodies in Sjögren´s syndrome

John-Helge Heimdal Monocytes in head and neck carcinoma patients: in vitro studies focusing on monocyte function as a potential part of distant metastasis defence


Yoseph Haile Mycobacterial mammalian cell entry (mce) operons and the significance of RNA for the detection of mycobacterial specimens


Stina Salomonsson The role of Ro52 autoantibodies in congenital heart block

Torbjørn Nedrebø The effect of tumour necrosis factor-α and interleukin-1β on interstitial fluid pressure and microvascular exchange in acute inflammation


Ketil Moen Oral implications of rheumatoid arthritis – A clinical and immunological approach

Peter Szodoray The role of B-cells in the pathogenesis of systemic autoimmune diseases – impaired processes involving B-cell activating factor and apoptosis


Camilla Mittelholzer Influenza virus – protection and adaption

Malin V Jonsson Ectopic germinal center formation in Sjögren’s syndrome – significance of lymphoid organization


Mathula Thangarajh B-cell-survival factors in multiple sclerosis and myasthenia gravis

Tor Magne Madland Calprotectin (S100A8/A9) and S100A12 in inflammatory arthritis; clinical and epidemiological studies of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis


Trond Ove Hjelmervik Gene expression and protein profiling in human and experimental Sjögren’s syndrome

Pål Voltersvik Human immunodeficiency virus Type I (HIV-1) infection and highly active retroviral therapy

Delaleu Nicolas The autonomy of different aspects of Sjögren’s syndrome and their treatment in an experimental model

Kenneth Kross Mononuclear phagocytes in head and neck carcinoma patients. In vitro studies focusing on the clinical relevance of monocyte and macrophage responses in tumor cell interaction

Jens Christian Eriksson Influenza vaccination with focus on the immunebiology of the upper respiratory tract


Sergio Carracedo Huroz Expression and regulation of the a 11 integrin subunit – in vitro and in vivo studies


Petra Vogelsang Dendritic cells in Sjögren’s syndrome

Ewa A Szyszko Characterization of long-lived plasma cells in primary Sjögren’s syndrome


Karstein Haldorsen Epidemiological, clinical, and immunogenetic aspects of primary Sjögren’s syndrome


Tove Ragna Reksten Serologic and phenotypic variances in primary Sjögren’s syndrome: Disease heterogeneity or distinct phenotypes


Roman Volchenkov Novel approaches for the treatment and diagnosis of primary Sjögren’s syndrome – tolerogenic dendritic cells – potential personalized medicine

Annelie Hellvard Post-translational modifications and small molecular inhibitors in animal models of arthritis

Lene Frøyen Sandvik Squamous cell carcinomas in renal transplant recipients. Analyses of various dendritic cell populations


Florian Sprater The ETS Transcription Factor ESE-3 in Human Dendritic Cells

Lara Aqrawi B cell specificity and pattern in primary Sjögren’s syndrome


Svein Joar Auglænd Johnsen Malignant lymphoma in primary Sjögren’s syndrome

Alexander Sauter Contact-dependent culture dish interactions during in vitro generation of monocyte-derived dendritic cells

Elisabeth Nginamau Expression and Possible Mechanisms of Autoantigenic Selection of Ro52, Ro60 and La48 in Sjögren’s syndrom

Catalin Koro Carbamylation as a Modulator of the Immune Response

Marie Karlsen Toll-like receptors in primary Sjögren’s syndrome - special emphasis on B cells


Richard Davies Flow cytometry based analyses as a tool in biomarker discovery for patient stratification in primary Sjögren’s syndrom


Hilde Haugedal Nordal S100 proteins in rheumatoid arthritis

Ardita Aliko Chronic inflammatory diseases – The role of citrullination and investigation of compounds with therapeutic potential

Maria K Jonsson Biomarkers in early rheumatoid arthritis


Daniel S Hammenfors Ultrasonography of major salivary glands in primary and juvenile Sjögren’s syndrome

Silje Michealsen Solberg "Systemic inflammation in psoriasis: Circulating immune cells and cytokines"


Brith Bergam "Carbamylation in an uremic and inflammatory environment"

Irene Sarkar "Towards stratification of patients with Sjögren’s syndrome. Single cell analyses and immune profiling"


Dag Heiro Yi  "Monocyte-derived dendritic cells in cancer immunotherapy"

Anders Krogh Aarebrot "Single-cell signaling and immune cell profiling in psoriasis"