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Broegelmann Research Laboratory has close collaborations with a number of laboratories and groups, see below andclick the relevant link below for more details.

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Paediatric rheumatology/The role of HMGB1 in chronic inflammatory diseases, Translational research on inflammatory mechanisms active during juvenile idiopathic arthritis to develop better diagnostic and prognostic tools and new therapy. We have a specific interest in the alarmin HMGB1.

We strive to identify molecular causes of hyperinflammatory disorders and understand the role of lymphocyte cytotoxicity in health and disease. We aim to develop new conceptualizations of immunological disorders, and combine basic immunological and genetic insights with potent immunotherapeutic interventions for the development of personalized treatment of disease. Our ultimate goal is to harness fundamental insights of the human immune system to develop cytotoxic cell therapies to fight cancer.

Autoimmunity and cancer, We study the immune system and its role in autoimmunity and cancer. The group includes three principal investigators, and the immune-related diseases we study are Sjögren's syndrome, congenital heart disease and lymphoma of the skin.

Working in the interface between clinical and laboratory research, BeaBIRD has two major research areas. Firstly, we study epidemiology, disease phenotypes and long-term outcome of rheumatic disease, as well as fertility, cardiovascular disease, cancer and death. Secondly, we study biomarkers in rheumatic disease investigating serological, cellular and intracellular biomarkers in patients with inflammatory joint disease.