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Bergen Research School in Inflammation

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Inflammation, Mucosal Immunobiology and Infectious Diseases:

Graduate Training and Research School




BRSI has operated since 2005 with organized research education. The main aim is to facilitate the formal part of the research education and to establish a scientific network where students and scientific staff can meet and interact.

We welcome all PhD students with thematically related research projects to inflammation and infection, to participate in our research school.

The Research School is focused on the field of inflammation
• Chronic and acute inflammation
• Autoimmunity
• Mucosal immunobiology
• Infectious disease, pathogen-host interaction and immunity
• Matrix biology
• Regulation and control of the immune system
• Relation to genetic background and gene expression

Primary objectives:
• To improve the quality of the PhD and post-graduate training
• To facilitate PhD and post-graduate training
• To develop professional skills and collaborative experience

• Thematically focused
• Strong research training - networks to several institutes/faculties/institutions
• Size above critical threshold
• Regular seminars and meetings
• Professionally additive and synergetic effects

In practice:
• Resources are made accessible (biobanks, patient material, instruments, specialized laboratories etc.)
• Courses are organized
• Regular seminars as meeting points
• Feedback, support, reflection and critical evaluation

• Professor Roland Jonsson, DMD PhD (director)
• Senior Scientist Karl A. Brokstad, PhD (coordinator)