Basin and Reservoir Studies (BRS)

Illustration of BRS group activities

Welcome to the research group for Basin and Reservoir Studies

Our research group studies the origin, architecture and properties of sedimentary rocks. Through a combination of geological and geophysical approaches, we map the upper regions beneath the Earth’s surface and reconstruct prehistoric landscapes to gain knowledge about the processes involved in the formation of potential hydrocarbon reserves. Read more here.

Geological travel blog from East Greenland
Grønnland landskap

In the heat of the Arctic summer – geological travel blog from East Greenland

This summer a joint team of structural geologists and sedimentologists from UiB and UiT The Arctic University of Norway journeyed across the North Atlantic to visit Wollaston Forland in the northern part of East Greenland. The reason? To investigate an exhumed rift basin, and detail its basin...

Award at AAPG Annual Convention
Picture of the awardwinner poster at AAPG our Danielle Howlett

GEO Students Awards at AAPG Annual Convention in Salt Lake City

GEO had a strong showing at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Annual Convention and Exhibition held in Salt Lake City, 20-23 May.

Travel letter from Utah
Gruppebilde fra Utah med fjellene i bakgrunnen

Travel letter from the GEO course in Utah

Some notes from the Utah course GEOV352