Climate change: media, politics and society

Workshop on democracy, justice and climate change

November 5th, the network arranged a workshop on democracy, justice and climate change, with speakers from University of Warwick, Uppsala University and University of Bergen.

One inspiration for this workshop was the special issue on Democracy, Democratization and Climate Change in Democratization. Peter Burnell from University of Warwick, who edited this issue, started the workshop with his talk titled "Democracy, democratization and climate change complex relationships".

Siri Gloppen from the Department of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen continued with the talk "Climate Change Lawfare: Climate change discourses in legal spaces". Then we moved on to Edward Page from University of Warwick, presenting his article "The hidden costs of carbon commodification: emissions trading, political legitimacy and procedural justice".

After lunch, we started with Jörgen Ödalen from Uppsala University, discussing his paper "A new Nansen Passport for the territorially dispossessed", before moving on to Aaron Maltais also from Uppsala University with the article "Failing international climate politics and the fairness of going first".

The day ended with Gisela Böhm from the Department of Psychosocial Science at the University of Beregn, with the talk "Risk perception and participation",


This was a successfull and great meeting between the speakers and the other participants, and we hope to keep in touch with both the University of Warwick and Uppsala University. The presentations will be uploaded at our webpage, under "Resources".