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CTD på vei ned under tokt i Nord-Atlanteren sommer 2009

Biogeochemistry is the science of the processes that govern the distribution of the elements and their compounds throughout the Earth system. Marine biogeochemistry is linked to the other Earth system reservoirs (land, atmosphere, cryosphere). Ocean biogeochemistry plays an important role in climate and sustainability science through the cycling of greenhouse gases, through the marine sediment core record, and through the cycling of nutrients and oxygen. Marine biogeochemistry also studies the distributions of various tracers (dissolved, particulate) in order to learn more about ocean circulation and its time scales. Biogeochemistry is a highly interdisciplinary science, involving biology, chemistry, oceanography and geology, and deals with issues unfolding across several temporal and spatial scales. Our science relies on model simulations as well as field and experimental data. (Foto: Emil Jeansson)

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