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The members of the research group hold broad competence on a wide range of legal issues in Civil Procedure and Dispute Settlement and in the boundaries between Civil Procedure and other research fields. The group holds solid competence in traditional Civil Procedure and Evidence Theory. Our competence is particularly strong with regard to the unified European Civil Procedure, both EEA/EU Procedure and the ELI/UNIDROIT unified European model laws for Civil Procedure, on mediation, and on specific issues concerning child protective services and Children Law, such as expertise and dialogue process.

Leaders of the research group are Camilla Bernt and Anna Nylund.

Selected publications
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Selected publications

The research group for Sivil Procedure at the Faculty of Law, is active and engaged when it comes to publishing and dissemination activities. On this page they are presenting a list of leading publications within their field from the last 10 - 15 years.

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Seminar on the contractualisation of civil litigation

An international seminar on contractualisation of civil litigation with participants from 11 countries across the world was hosted by the Research group for civil procedure and dispute resolution 13-14 June 2022.


Comparative seminar on orality in civil proceedings

On December 2. esteemed researchers from across Europe met – both physically and digitally – with the Research Group for Civil Procedure and Dispute Resolution for a comparative discussion on elements of orality in different European legal systems.