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Associate Professor Ronny Gjendemsjø

Associate professor Ronny Gjendemsjø is currently working on three projects in EU Competition Law

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Is the effect on trade requirement the best way to determine EU jurisdiction in competition law?


The requirement of effect on trade between Member States in EU competition law

In this project I am considering if there is a need to change the way EU competition laws jurisdiction is decided. The question is in other words whether the effect on trade requirement is the best way to determine EU jurisdiction in competition law.


Benefits Relevant to Article 101 (3) TFEU

Which benefits are relevant in TFEU article 101 (3). This project is an attempt to make a contribution to the ongoing debate on whether the efficiency defense in TFEU art. 101 (3) only include economic efficiencies or if it also includes other public policies


The agency exemption in TFEU article 101

Together with an economist, I am looking into the exemption from TFEU article 101 for "true" agency agreements. We are discussing whether the exemption is well founded, or whether a better regulation of agency agreements can be achieved if they were subject to an effects analysis in TFEU article 101.



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