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Philosophical research on culture, society and politics

The Research group “Culture, Society and politics” is a research group at the Department of Philosophy. The group takes a philosophical perspective in its focus on the social, political and cultural topics. Our aim is to study concepts, analyze and develop key theories and apply critical thinking to the understanding of changes in culture, politics and society.  We promote basic research on the view of man and society, on the foundation of normative theories of society, reflection on prevailing rhetoric in the political field and the relationship between politics and other areas of life.

The members of the group have their background from different philosophical and methodological lines. These mainly include social philosophy, moral philosophy, philosophy of law, political theory, history of philosophy, modern philosophy, phenomenology, critical theory, French philosophy and rhetoric.

Critical Theories Colloquium 

The colloquium brings together researchers and advances students with an interest in philosophical research that is sensitive to issues of social and epistemic (in)justice, incl. postcolonial theory, critical theory of race, feminism, queer theory, social/political epistemology, and the Frankfurt school. The group meets 1-2 times per month during term time, with presentations of work in progress, discussion of texts of common interest, and presentations by external speakers. If you are interested, please contact Franz Knappik

Conference proceedings
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Rationality and Positive Political Roles for Emotions: Solidarity and Benevolence

The special issue of Nordicum-Mediterraneum, 17:5 (2023) contains articles based on lectures that were delivered at the conference "Rationality and Positive Political Roles for Emotions: Solidarity and Benevolence".