Development Geography

This team is engaged in the relationship between nature and society in the South, through the study of utilization of natural resources.

Jeppe Kolding (UiB), Shakuntala Thilsted (WorldFish) og Ragnhild Overå (UiB).

Supporting small fish to fight food insecurity

Small fish have huge potential to alleviate malnutrition and safeguard food security in Sub-Saharan Africa and across the globe. An interdisciplinary project headed by the University of Bergen has been awarded 1 million Euros.

House from metal sheeting.

The aesthetics of earthquake reconstruction in Nepal

Questions of aesthetics and cultural identity add layers of complexity to the reconstruction process that cannot – and should not – be ignored.

Master project
Participant observation.

Use of Waste and Wastewater in peri-urban Agriculture in Kathmandu Valley

In this study I analyse both risks and benefits of using waste and wastewater in peri-urban agriculture in Kathmandu Valley.

Master project
Household survey.

Agricultural innovation in Arun Valley, Nepal

My master project is about agricultural innovation in Arun Valley, Nepal: innovation capacity in response to climatic and non-climatic uncertainties.