Bergen Laboratory for the Study of Decision, Intuition, Consciousness, and Emotion

The role of emotions in sustainable seafood consumption

Illustration: How to produce more food while reducing overall footprint

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About the project
This project is part of the overarching 'Future Fisheries’ project funded by the Research Council of Norway. The 'Future Fisheries’ project is interdisciplinary across biological oceanography, marine ecology, and psychology. The aims are to investigate how fisheries can produce more food at reduced climate impact and what psychological mechanisms may hinder or foster sustainable seafood consumption.

At the Department of Psychosocial Science, we will work on exploring affective images of animal-sourced (sea)food. We aim to find out if there are specific emotional patterns regarding sustainable (sea)food that increase the intention to consume these products. Ultimately, we will work towards investigating ways we can utilize this knowledge to promote sustainable seafood consumption.

Project team
This PhD project will be executed by Nienke Böhm, who has a background in Social Psychology. She will be supervised by Rouven Doran (University of Bergen), Gisela Böhm (University of Bergen & Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences), and Charles Ogunbode (University of Nottingham).

More information
More information about the 'Future Fisheries’ project can be found at: