Digital Learning Communities

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Research Group Leader

Professor Rune Johan Krumsvik

Contact information

Digital Learning Communities Research Group
Department of Education
University of Bergen
Christies gate 13
N-5015 Bergen

Tel +0047 55 58 48 07
E-mail: rune.krumsvik@psych.uib.no

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The research group was established in 2007, and focuses particularly on research within the field of ICT and learning. The group conducts research projects focusing on the following topics:

a) Research on Learning Aanaytics

b) Research in ICT-supported assessment in school and higher education

c) Theory development in Pedagogy

d) Research on meta cognition in digital learning environments

e) Reserach on reading and writing in multimodal learning environments

f) Research on ICT and health promotion

g) Research on ICT and learning

The reserach group applies both Qualitative research designs and Mixed Method Research.