System Dynamics
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Interactive Learning Environments

System Dynamics models can be used to study social problems, write research articles, and give presentations for clients. Models can also be used to educate people and to motivate them to deal with social problems.

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Learning Environments.

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For this purpose, we use System Dynamics to develop interactive learning environments. See the examples below:

A simple introduction to climate change knowledge and policy making

This learning environment is created with Stella Architect, which is the program that we use in the master program in System Dynamics.

Climate change simulator C-ROADS

The more advanced climate change simulator C-ROADS has been used by several countries at climate summits. The underlying model replicates the big climate models with high accuracy, however simulates much faster.

C-ROADS in roleplaying

C-ROADS is also often used to organize role playing sessions, see the video.

Online Courses

System Dynamics has also been used to develop online courses (MOOC), see the advertisement for the course.

Examples of learning environments created by students in course GEO-SD309