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The System Dynamics Group conducts research in a variety of application domains.

System Dynamics Group

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Saras Chung, Executive Director of SKIP DesignEd.

System Dynamics Society

Researchers with the System Dynamics Group have extensive methodological knowledge and key competencies such as interdisciplinary skills to develop sustainable solutions in the application domains and to further the field of system dynamics. Model-based policy analysis and design always takes into account the needs, acceptance and behaviours of stakeholders.

Research Projects

Currently, the System Dynamics Group is carrying out several projects in different focus areas. Below list, you see the list of projects and their details.

SEAS Project

Marine and coastal areas face multifaceted challenges, thretening biodiversity and humanity on a global scale. To have an impact on marine sustainability, there is an urgent need to integrate perspectives and insights from a diverse range of fields and sectors. The University of Bergen's SEAS programme brings together a variety of aspects of marine sustainability, involving all 7 UiB faculties, and many academic and non-academic partners.

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Collaboration with UNEP

Project aims to understand human development drivers impacting on key coexistence in Sub-Saharan Africa, identify potential conservation and development synergies. The main work of the UiB team is to develop an test stakeholder-generated system dynamics models in selcted landsapes.

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Project aims to prevent overweight and obesity in adolescent by providing knowledge and infrastructure on policies to support making the healthiest choices the preferred ones. The main work of the uiB team is do develop a system dynamics model to assess the potetial impacts of selected evidence-based and co-created policy options for obesity prevetion.

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Green Heat Project

The aim of the project is to contribute to the elimination of fossil fuelled boilers in Poland and to present feasible scenarios to decarbonise energy systems in Polish households. The main work of the UiB team is to facilitate a group model process where we develop a system dynamics model to assess the potential impacts of selected interventions, both in the case study as well as in more generic context.

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Coastal Ocean Assessment for Sustainability and Transformation or COAST Card is an innovative stakeholder-driven tool that monitors, forecasts, and reports the effectiveness of management decisions on coastal and ocean sustainability.

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The aim of SYNAGRI is to understand the capacity for integration between an emerging bioeconomy and regional food systems, and develop strategies to promote an integrated, sustainable food system. The project will contribute to theoretical developments in systems thinking, understand how food systems can be transformed through integration and its implications for social environemntal, and economic sustainability.

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