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The Masters program in System Dynamics at UiB is a high-level, interdisciplinary educational program, but it is also a vibrant, multicultural community.

#shorts Why System Dynamics is Special - Birgit Kopainsky

Birgit Kopainsky, Professor and Chair of System Dynamics Group at University of Bergen.
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In a complex and developing world, we need theories, methods, and tools to help us understand, manage, and communicate effectively. System Dynamics studies how and why things change over time. System Dynamics is a tool for the development of a well-balanced set of policies to guide decision making that altogether contributes a successful strategy causing a favorable development over time.

  • Which policies cause the most favourable development over time?
  • How do we avoid shaping strategies, policies and decisions based on misperceptions? And how do we assess their consequences effectively before implementing them in our social context?
  • What is the wider impact of our decisions over a longer timespan?

To answer questions such as these, you are trained to develop simulation models that represent the cause-and-effect structure of the systems studied, to derive their dynamics by way of simulation, and to investigate the relationship between the two. We offer a vibrant, international student life focusing on the study of System Dynamics - a study available to very few students across the world. We use state-of-the-art learning technology and client-based case studies. Plus, as of 2020, we offer a fully online version of our master program.

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Studying at UiB, you always feel supported to explore the incredible world of System Dynamics and to find your own position in it. The knowledge and skills I have acquired both from formal teaching and interactions with my peers across disciplinary boundaries, have made these studies one of the most rewarding experiences I ever had!
Christina Gkini, Greece