System Dynamics

Why study System Dynamics at UiB?

The Masters program in System Dynamics at UiB is a high-level, interdisciplinary educationalprogram, but it is also a vibrant, multicultural community.

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In a complex and developing world, we need theories, methods, and tools to help us understand, manage, andcommunicate effectively. System dynamics studies howand why things change over time. System Dynamics is a tool for the development of a well-balancedset of policies to guide decision making that altogether contributes asuccessful strategy causing a favorable development over time.

  • Which policies cause the most favourable development overtime?
  • How do we avoid shaping strategies, policies and decisions basedon misperceptions? And how do we assess their consequenceseffectively before implementing them in our social context?
  • What is the wider impact of our decisions over a longer timespan?

To answer questions such as these, you are trained to develop simulation models that represent the cause-and-effect structure of the systems studied, to derive their dynamics by way of simulation, and to investigate the relationship between the two. We offer a vibrant, international student life focusing on the study of System Dynamics - a study available to very few students across the world. We use state-of-the-art learning technology and client-basedcase studies. Plus, as of 2020, we offer a fully online version of ourmaster program.

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