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Green Heat

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  • Project title: GREEN HEAT – towards collaborative local decarbonization (GREENHEAT)
  • Project webpage: https://greenheat.kezo.pl/en/
  • Funding: EEA Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway Grant. Project no. NOR/IdeaLab/GREENHEAT/0006/2020
  • Duration: 01.02.2021-01.02.2024
  • Project coordinator: Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Partners involved: The consortium comprises of 7 partners in Poland as well as in Norway


The aim of the project is to contribute to elimination of fossil fuelled boilers in Poland and to present feasible scenarios to decarbonise energy systems in Polish households. Building on expert knowledge and the engagement of the local community and key stakeholders, the project targets a very specific, real life challenge of extremely bad air quality in residential areas in Poland.

Two specific objectives are:

1) to conduct the selected Pilot Case, in a chosen community in the city of Legionowo, and develop a tailored business model with specific technology recommendations and an indication of potential investors and sources of financing to support the elimination of fossil fuelled boilers;

2) to develop the methodology for further future implementation based on the procedure during Pilot Bussines Case analysis;

The project approaches the problem in an interdisciplinary way, as a change of the energy system is conceptualised as a potential vehicle for social change towards sustainability transitions and development of new business models in the energy sector. The project is looking at the problem from different perspectives: those are social, technical and economical.

Contribution System Dynamics Group, UiB

The main work of the UiB team is to facilitate a group model building process where we develop a system dynamics model to assess the potential impacts of selected interventions, both in the case study as well as in a more generic context.