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Guest lecture

Hartmut Koenitz on Representations of Complexity - Interactive Digital Narrative Enabling Discourse for the 21st Century

Digital Narrative Network is pleased to welcome Hartmut Koenitz, Professor for Interactive Narrative Design at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, for a guest lecture on 12th September.

Headshot of Hartmut Koenitz
Hartmut Koenitz

Narratives have an essential role in recording, communicating and comprehending human existence. As the world around us becomes increasingly complex, traditional narrative forms are no longer adequate for this task. The discrepancy between our complex reality and a discourse still depends on the newspaper article and the TV newscasts open up opportunities for political extremism. What is needed instead are narrative representations of complexity. This means re-inventing narrative by using the opportunities afforded by digital media to create representations that contain competing perspectives, offer choices and show the resulting consequences while allowing for repeat experiences.