Research Group Electronic Literature
Performance Night

ELO 2015 Festival Readings

This is the first of two nights of performances and readings held in connection with the electronic literary arts conference and festival ELO 2015. Free entrance.

title screen from The Pipes
Kristian Pedersen and Audun Lindholm's animated poetry film "The Pipes" (Pipene) is based on a poem by Norwegian poet Øyvind Rimbereid. Pedersen and Lindholm run the project Gasspedal Animert which creates short films based on poems.
Gasspedal Animert

Main content

Readings and performances of digital literature and screeings of films by artists including: Stuart Moulthrop (US) “If You Please”, Jason Lewis (CA) "Vital", Jörg Piringer (AT) text/sound-videos, Leonardo Flores and Mark Sample: "A Bot Sampler in Two Voices", Kristian Pedersen and Audun Lindholm (NO) "The Pipes", Samantha Gorman and Danny Cannizzaro (US) "Pry", Claire Donato (USA), Álvaro Seiça (PT) and Luc Dall'Armellina (FR) "Langlibabex", David Jhave Johnston (CA) "BDP: Big-Data Poetry", and Jason Nelson (AU) "Jason Nelson Digital Magic Show and Poetic Interfaces.”