Research Group Electronic Literature
ELO2015 Performance Night

Hybridity Performance Program

The second night of performances held as part of ELO2015 focuses on the ways electronic literature expand the sensory experience of literature.

Person interacting with electronic literature on projected screen.
Donna Leishman and Steve Gibson's "Borderlines" is one of the works of electronic literature you can see performed at this event.
Leishman and Gibson

Main content

Readings and performances of digital literature and screeings of films by artists including: Donna Leishman (UK) and Steve Gibson (CA) "Borderline", Kristian Pedersen and Audun Lindholm (NO) "Waves", Zuzana Husarova (SR) "Any Vision", Simon Biggs (AU) "Crosstalk", John Cayley (CA) "Monoclonal Microphone: the movie", Hazel Smith (UK) and Roger Dean (AU) "text, sound, electronics, live coding", Ottar Ormstad (NO) and Taras Mashtalir (RU) "LONG RONG SONG", Taras Mashtalir and Natalia Fedorova (RU) "Machine Libertine."