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Our paper on 25year followup on Graves Disease was featured in a podcast by Endocrine Society

(Norwegian, paywall) Ho er professor og busett i Leirvik. Har gjort viktig forsking på emaljeskadar. The newspaper Firda has also written about the Nature paper

(Norwegian) Forskere ser sammenheng mellom cøliaki og emaljeskader – NRK Vestland The national broadcaster NRK visited the lab to write a story about our Nature-paper

sciencenews.dk/da/patienter-med-sjaelden-immunsygdom-bliver-ogsaa-godt-beskyttet-ved-vaccination-mod-covid-19 Professor Anette Wolff interviewed by Science News on our paper on Covid-19 vaccination on APS-1 patients

(Norwegian) Ranked as the worlds best research enviroment for rare disease. The Norwegian paper for higher education wrote a story about the research group being ranked as the best in the world for autoimmune adrenal insufficiency. (2021)

"Mythbusters” identified the gene that may cause a rare autoimmune disorder Drug Discovery News wrote an article about our GWAS and residual function-studies (2021)

(Norwegian) The Norwegian national channel TV2 featured the GWAS-paper in their news broadcast. (2021)

(Norwegian) Two of our scientists, Bergithe Oftedal and Elinor Vogt presented an online lecture on women and autoimmunity for March 8th. (2021)

(Norwegian) When the antibodies turns against you and New corona-reseach explains why some youths become critically sick. National newspapers Morgenbladet and VG wrote articles on the Science paper on interferon autoantibodies in Covid-19 (2020)

(Norwegian) Geir har lived nearly 50 years with a chronic condition, now he surprises the scientist. Article in the regional paper on the residual function study (2020)

(Norwegian) Promising MS-research; Turns the cells that attack the body -  Professor Eystein Husebye is interviewed on exciting findings in autoimmune research (2020)

(Norwegian) Professor Eystein Husebye was awarded the “research prize” from the Western Norway Health Authorities in 2019 for his work on autoimmune diseases (2019)

(Norwegian) Researcher Bergithe Eikeland Oftedal received the Søren Falchs junior prize (2019)

(Norwegian) Professor Eystein Husebye in conversation with Trond-Viggo Torgerrsen on autoimmunity at Litteraturhuset in Bergen (2019)

(Norwegian) Comment by group leader Eystein Husebye in Dagbladet on story on diet and autoimmune diseases (2019)

(Norwegian) Interview with PhD Øyvind Bruserud in the members magazine of the Norwegian Junior Doctors (2019)

(Norwegian) Interview with researcher Anette Bøe Wolff at klikk.no  (2018)

(Norwegian) Interview with groupleader Eystein Husebye in Barken, magazine of the Norwegian Addison patient society (2018)

(Norwegian) Den mystiske ødeleggelsen - Story in Aftenposten on autoimmune diseases (2017)

(Norwegian) UiB får penger til å forske på autoimmune sykdommer - Article on forskning.no on the KG Jebsen center (2017)

(Norwegian) Sjelden sykdom ikke så sjelden likevel - Article in Bergens Tidende on the discovery of monogenic APS-1 (2015)

(Norwegian) Kroppen (No longer available) - Trond Viggo Torgersen in conversation with Eystein Husebye on hormones (2014)

(Norwegian) Doktoren svarer: ett skritt videre i arbeidet med å forstå autoimmune sykdommer - Interview in Morgenbladet with Bergithe Oftedal (2008)

(Norwegian) Sjelden tilstand gir viten om folkesykdom - Article on forskning.no on the research of Anette Bøe Wolff (2006)

(Norwegian) Vil bli best på Addisons - Article in Bergens Tidende on the start of the European Addison Reseach network (EurAdrenal) (2004)