Endocrine Medicine

An endocrine umbrella

"Endocrine Medicine is an umbrella group consisting of two groups working with closely related issues and projects", says the group’s leader, professor Eystein Husebye.

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The research group Endocrine Medicine is led by Professor Eystein Husebye and comprises about 25 persons with a variety of specialties (physicians in Endocrinology, molecular biologists, cell biologists, bioinformaticians, a pharmacist, geneticists) at different levels (from bachelor and master students to Professors). The group contains the K.G. Jebsen Center of Autoimmune Diseases and administers the National Registry of Organ-Specific Autoimmune Diseases, a national quality registry (leader Eystein Husebye, chief physician Marianne Grytaas). A registry on Adrenal Tumours (lead Grethe Ueland) and Primary hyperaldosteronism (lead Marianne Grytaas) is established.

The overall research approach is translational and spans from experimental work in genetics and mouse models via clinical trials to epidemiological research. The group has laboratory space on the 8th floor of the New Lab Building and access to clinical facilities at the Clinics of Medicine and Surgery and is organized in the following research nodes:

  • Pathogegenesis of endocrine autoimmunity:
    • Lead PIs, professor Anette Wolff and senior researcher Bergithe Oftedal
  • Clinical studies of endocrine autoimmunity
    • Lead PI, associate professor Marianne Øksnes
  • Adrenal tumours
    • Postdoc Grethe Ueland and Dr. Marianne Grytaas (mentor Husebye)
  • Endocrine surgery (also part of the The Neck Endocrine Disease Research Group)
    • Lead PIs, professor Kerstin Lorenz and associate professor Katrin Brauckhoff

Research within the group is patient-centered with active use of data and samples from the registry embedded in the research environment. Techniques include advanced genetic analyses and single cell methods including 10X-single cell sequencing, flow cytometry, CyTOF and tissue cytometry by Hyperion. Furthermore, we offer a range of autoantibody analyses related to endocrine autoimmunity and are world-leading in dynamic multiplex profiling of steroid hormones.  We regularly use all technology platforms at MED

The Endocrine Medicine group have extensive local, national and international collaborations. We have built an extensive national network on adrenal diseases with representatives in all health trusts in Norway. The international collaboration is very strong, in particular with Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), The Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel), and University of Oxford (UK). The partnerships has lead to several high-profile publications, for example in Nature Communications (2021), Nature Immunology (2016), and Immunity (2015). The group with Huesbye in the lead has coordinated two large EU-project, FP7-EurAdrenal and H2020-Ultradian. The international standing of the research environment is exemplified by invited review for New England Journal of Medicine (2018) and The Lancet (2021)