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Jannicke Igland, PhD

Statistician in the SCAN-AED project, associate professor and head of the Core facility for Biostatistics and Data analysis at Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Bergen. Long experience with management and statistical analysis of registry data.

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Areas of interest:

Statistical methods in registry-based epidemiology, cardiovascular disease epidemiology, diabetes epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology, perinatal epidemiology, social inequalities in health


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Selected publications:

Smith-Strom H, Igland J, Ostbye T, Tell GS, Hausken MF, Graue M, et al. The Effect of Telemedicine Follow-up Care on Diabetes-Related Foot Ulcers: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Noninferiority Trial. Diabetes Care. 2018;41(1):96-103.

Riise HKR, Sulo G, Tell GS, Igland J, Nygard O, Vollset SE, et al. Incident Coronary Heart Disease After Preeclampsia: Role of Reduced Fetal Growth, Preterm Delivery, and Parity. Journal of the American Heart Association. 2017;6(3).

Mundal L, Igland J, Ose L, Holven KB, Veierod MB, Leren TP, et al. Cardiovascular disease mortality in patients with genetically verified familial hypercholesterolemia in Norway during 1992-2013. European journal of preventive cardiology. 2017;24(2):137-44.

Sulo E, Vollset SE, Nygard O, Sulo G, Igland J, Egeland GM, et al. Trends in 28-day and 1-year mortality rates in patients hospitalized for a first acute myocardial infarction in Norway during 2001-2009: a "Cardiovascular disease in Norway" (CVDNOR) project. J Intern Med. 2015;277(3):353-61.

Sulo G, Vollset SE, Nygard O, Igland J, Egeland GM, Ebbing M, et al. Trends in Acute Myocardial Infarction Event Rates and Risk of Recurrences After an Incident Event in Norway 1994 to 2009 (from a Cardiovascular Disease in Norway Project). American Journal of Cardiology. 2014;113(11):1777-81.

Sulo G, Igland J, Nygard O, Vollset SE, Ebbing M, Tell GS. Favourable trends in incidence of AMI in Norway during 2001-2009 do not include younger adults: a CVDNOR project. European journal of preventive cardiology. 2014;21(11):1358-64.

Igland J, Vollset SE, Nygard OK, Sulo G, Sulo E, Ebbing M, et al. Educational inequalities in 28 day and 1-year mortality after hospitalisation for incident acute myocardial infarction - A nationwide cohort study. International Journal of Cardiology. 2014;177(3):874-80.

Igland J, Vollset SE, Nygard OK, Sulo G, Ebbing M, Tell GS. Educational Inequalities in Acute Myocardial Infarction Incidence in Norway: A Nationwide Cohort Study. Plos One. 2014;9(9).

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