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Norway in Taiwan

Norwegian seafood can pop up in unexpected places.

Composite of a view of seafood market with a seller and basket of fish, and a box of salmon on ice
Fresh seafood market in Nanfangao, on the east coast of Taiwan. Also Norwegian salmon on sale!
Mikko Heino

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Norwegian seafood has a small but steady presence in Taiwan. Mackerel filets are quite predictably available at supermarkets, as is salmon, of various degrees of freshness. However, it was more surprising to find Norwegian salmon at the fresh seafood market of Nanfangao, on the east coast of Taiwan. The market serves primarily the local consumers and restaurants, and draws its supply mostly from locally landed fish (what could be fresher?). One may then wonder how can Norwegian salmon — in this case, flown in by Cathay Pacific, though presumably not in the first class — find a niche here? The answer probably lies in sushi, which is as popular in Taiwan as everywhere. Salmon is a popular ingredient, albeit less dominant than in Europe where sushi sometimes seems to equal salmon.