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EvoFish sister group in China

Not many of us may yet know that EvoFish has a sister group in China – "EvofishOUC"!

Group photo of five people in front of the laboratorium
EvofishOUC (notice the logo above the door opening) with a visitor from EvoFish Bergen. From left to right: Runlong Sun, Peng Sun, Mikko Heino, Qi Chen, and Zezhou Hong.
Xiaozi Liu

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Peng Sun from the Ocean University of China (OUC) in Qingdao is running a research group focused on evolutionary fisheries ecology. She has dubbed the group, tongue-in-cheek, as "EvofishOUC". EvoFish is warmly welcoming our sister group!

At the moment, one of the main activities of the group is a selection experiment using medaka as the model organism. The setup of the experiment is broadly similar to the EvoFish guppy experiment, although the specific research questions and experimental design are quite different. The selection has only recently started, so we have to wait for a while before hearing from the results. Selection experiments are time consuming, as we in EvoFish very well know.

There is collaboration between EvoFish and the Fisheries College at OUC at many fronts, not just evolutionary experiments. The first fruit of the collaboration between the two EvoFishes has just been published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science, dealing with the bioeconomic consequences of artificial reefs.