Evolutionary ecology

A new summer visitor

Benjamin Faure from France is doing his research practice with EvoFish.

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Ben writes himself: "I am a French student from Polytech' Montpellier (ex-ISIM), in the fourth year of engineering degree in Sciences and Technologies of Water. In this school, we study hydraulic, hydrology, water treatment and biology. This last part of our teaching is the one which pleases me the most. I talk with Florent, who came here last year, about the researches which were made here and I am really fascinated by the subject of the study and the way the experiments are made. I want to do researches in marine biology for years, and this work experience is perfectly the one I wanted.

Except the work, I am fond of hiking, fishing and playing sport, especially soccer and tennis. I usually play music and I like listening to it, and I write some poems."

Ben is staying with us until the end of August, and mostly working with the guppy experiment. Rumours tell that he has already visited all the seven mountains of Bergen!