Evolutionary ecology

Can guppies hold their breath?

Geetha Jeyakanth is working in the guppy lab for her Master’s project on the effect of ambient oxygen on life history of guppies.

Geetha with her experimental guppies. All fish are reared in isolation, some...
Geetha with the experimental guppies. All fish were reared in isolation, some with aeration, others without.
Beatriz Diaz Pauli

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Geetha has a Bachelor degree in Zoology from the University of Jaffna (Sri Lanka) and Masters degree in Biotechnology from University of Greenwich (United Kingdom).

She is now in her third semester of her Masters in Fisheries Biology and Management at UiB. She’s rearing hundreds of guppies at different oxygen levels to study the effect of oxygen on their growth and maturation schedules. Her project is collaboration between EvoFish and Fisheries Ecology and Aquaculture groups, supervised by Beatriz Diaz Pauli and Mikko Heino from EvoFish and Jeppe Kolding from FEA.