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Yoann Martin visiting EvoFish

EvoFish is happy to welcome Yoann Martin from Montpellier in our rows for this summer!

Yoann with his catch
Yoann with his catch

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In Yoann's own words:

Hei !

I’m a French student from Montpellier (for those who don’t know, it’s somewhere in the south of France between Marseille and Spain…^^). I’m currently in my fourth year of an engineering degree in Water Sciences and Technologies at Polytech’Montpellier. Thus I study hydraulics, hydrology, water treatment and biology, but I’m most interested in the last one (especially fish).
As I know Ben and Hugo who did their internships in the Guppy group of Evofish the past two summers and who really enjoyed it, I was quickly convinced that it was a good opportunity for an international experience.
People working in this lab are from numerous different countries so it’s good for practicing English and hear new accents, but overall, they’re all very nice !! Then, I appreciate the time I spend with them at work and outside of work.

What about me ?

I have played handball since I was eleven (2001) and like sports in general.  I’m also fond of fishing (not surprising ?), in particular fly fishing, and motorcycle riding. French food is the first thing which I miss when I’m abroad.