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Fabian in Tasmania

EvoFish member Fabian Zimmermann is currently visiting the School of Economics and Finance at the University of Tasmania as part of his PhD project

Fabian Zimmermann

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The 3-month research visit acts as a mean to facilitate knowledge transfer, collaboration and get to know a new working environment. In particular, a key feature is the bridging between biology and economics, in accordance with the interdisciplinary nature of Fabian Zimmermann’s PhD project, the Bio-economic consequences of fisheries-induced evolution. The School of Economics and Finance at the University of Tasmania with an ambitious team, recently strengthened competence in resource economics and a focus on fisheries economics was therefore a perfect choice. Main collaborator at the School is Satoshi Yamazaki, and the current work focuses on price data analysis regarding the influences of fish size and uncertainty. Working contacts to the Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute have been established as well.

Furthermore, Fabian represented EvoFish at the annual conference of the Australian Agriculture and Resource Economics Society (AARES) in Melbourne with a talk about the potential economic impact of fisheries-induced evolution. AARES is the main Australian network in resource economics and related fields, with an increasing proportion of fisheries economics.