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Piero has completed his Master degree!

Piero Lopez has successfully defended his Master's thesis. EvoFish congratulates!

Piero is presenting his master thesis
Piero Lopez is presenting his Master thesis on growth estimation using guppy otoliths
Mikko Heino

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The last year Piero has been working hard trying to figure out how growth can be estimated from otoliths of our experimental guppies. The work reached a happy completetion today when Piero was awarded his Master's degree, after a presention and examination by Petter Fossum (external examiner, Institute of Marine Research) and Hans Tore Rapp (internal examiner). Piero has found out that guppy otoliths are quite tricky to work with. Nevertheless, his results show that guppies from different experimental treatments are growing differently. In particular, guppies from the tank where large guppies are harvested are growting less than those from the other two treatments.