Registrybased studies of familial risks

Familial factors in the association between pre-eclampsia and later ESRD.

Familial aggregation of risk factors does not seem to explain increased ESRD risk after pre-eclampsia. These findings support the hypothesis that pre-eclampsia per se may lead to kidney damage.

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Compared with women without pre-eclampsia and no siblings with pre-eclampsia, women without pre-eclampsia but a sibling with pre-eclampsia had a relative risk (RR) of ESRD of 0.96 (95% confidence interval, 0.59-1.6), women with pre-eclampsia but no siblings with pre-eclampsia had a RR of 6.0 (4.4-8.1), and women with pre-eclampsia and a sibling with pre-eclampsia had a RR of 2.8 (0.88-8.6). Further analyses of women showed no increased risk of ESRD if a child had pre-eclampsia in first pregnancy. 

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