Fisheries Ecology and Aquaculture

FØH hosting a Bergen Summer Research School Course

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Karin Pittman, Jeppe Kolding, and Audrey Geffen are organizing the course "The Aquatic Food System", one of the choices on offer for PhD students as part of the 2013 Bergen Summer Research School focussed on "Food as a Global Development Challenge". takes a broad perspective in analyzing how the animals reach our dinner plates.  Viewing aquatic food animals throughout their lifecycle gives a different perspective on how we both manage and unwittingly affect their production. This includes chains of production, forms of management, feed sources and nutritional value, longterm effects of early interventions, the use and proof of concept of intervention strategies like marine protected areas, and the links with consumers. Applied research results will be in focus and put in global perspective. This course seeks participants who are interested in setting their research case studies in a system perspective, being local or global. Read more about the Bergen Summer Research School program here.