Fisheries Ecology and Aquaculture

Karl-Michael Werner

The stock of European hake in the North Sea recently increased tremendously

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My Name is Karl, I am currently 25 years old and a Master's student in fisheries biology and management. For my Research I look at European hake (Merluccius merluccius), which has historically gotten scientifically very little attention in Norway. The stock of European hake in the North Sea recently increased tremendously, and due to that I want to find out how and where the abundance and the distribution changed. These results will be compared with landings from the Norwegian fleet, to see if that development can also be seen in commercial catches. The supervisors for my Thesis are Prof. Audrey Geffen from the University of Bergen and Dr. Arved Staby from the Institute of Marine Research, Bergen. I do study fisheries because I believe that marine seafood production is a central and valuable part of the global nutrition and that humanity has to ensure a stable harvest for the future.