Fisheries Ecology and Aquaculture

Petra Svaskova

Which factors affect the distribution of flatfish larvae?

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My name is Petra and I am a current Masters student of Marine Biology at the University of Bergen, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. I am working on my thesis on the factors affecting the distribution of flatfish larvae in the northern North Sea in early summer. The aim of this study is to compare the distribution of fish larvae in relation to biological and physical factors over a four-year period (2011-2014) and to investigate the ecology of larval fish in the pelagic environment. The supervisors for my Thesis are Prof.Arne Johannessen from the University of Bergen and research scientist Richard Nash from the Institute of Marine Research, Bergen. I decided to study marine biology because I can learn about the whole range of marine organisms, and their interactions with each other and their environment. And to learn about the behaviour, physiology, and ecology of marine organisms, and how marine food webs are influenced by global warming and fisheries.