Research Group The Future of Russian

Future of Russian launching conference

RuNet scholars gather for F1 - the Future of Russian launching conference

In beautiful Solstrand the international group of FoR scholars and invited guests came together to discuss language- and literature-related topics of the Russian internet. The three core members of the project, Alexander Berdichevsky (PhD), Ellen Rutten and Martin Paulsen (postdocs) presented their projects on bash.org.ru, Russian writers' blogs (linguistic imperfection) and KirLat — the alphabet issue — respectively. Other contributions included Cathy Nepomnyashchy on Pushkin places on the RuNet, Kåre Johan Mjør on major online library projects, Dirk Uffelmann on Pelevin and media theory, Michael Gorham on gramota.ru, Tine Roesen on 'new intimacy' on writers' websites, Henrike Schmidt on RuNet literature between game and play, Vera Zvereva on the language of teenagers' blogs, Gasan Gusejnov on the pragmatics of the collection of linguistic evidence online, Sergei Kuznetsov on discussions and representations of Soviet history and realia on the net, Andrey Esaulov on literary groups in social networks and the tradition of oral folk text and Lara Ryazanova-Clarke on representations of the West in dominant and counter-cultural discourses.

One session was devoted to a more informal brainstorming, outlining and suggesting ideas for the next couple of years as well as topics for upcoming conferences.

Solstrand provided the perfect surroundings for inspiring conversations and social interaction, short hikes and refreshing swims in the sea. After two intensive days of paper sessions, the group spent the last day exploring the dramatic landscapes of Western Norway, by train, boat and foot.

Paper drafts and presentation will soon be made available online.

For more photographs, see here.