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Roman Leibov and Ellen Rutten to Bergen

The Future of Russian project starts its series of guest lectures

On 19 March The Future of Russian project welcomes Roman Leibov and Ellen Rutten to Bergen. Ellen, who comes from a research position in Cambridge, is a postdoc in the project working on Russian literary blogs. Roman is a literary scholar from Tartu, active partner in the FoR project, and one of the pioneers on the Russian internet. Both will give short guest lectures (see the calendar) in a two-hour seminar open to colleagues and students from the Russian Department.

12:15-14:00, Auditorium F, Sydneshaugen skole

Ingunn Lunde: Short project presentation

Roman Leibov: 15 лет русской литературы в интернете: трансформации самиздата

Ellen Rutten: Tat'iana Tolstaia: From Writer to Blogger and Back


Light refreshments will be served.

Welcome! And why not have a look at Tolstaia's blog in advance :-)