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F3 RuNet in a Global Context

The Third Future of Russian Conference will take place in Passau, 3–6 February 2011: "F3: The Russian Internet in a Global Context"

The conference will be hosted by Dirk Uffelmann in cooperation with Ingunn Lunde.

Keynote speakers: Susan Herring (via Skype, and in cooperation with Ewa Callahan [present]) and Marie-Laure Ryan.

Conference venue:

Altstadthotel Passau, Bräugasse 23-29, D-94032 Passau

Download the Abstract Folder here.


Thursday 3 February

20.00: Dinner at Altes Bräuhaus

Friday 4 February

Session I — Chair: Dirk Uffelmann
09.00–09.15: Welcome
09.15–09.30: Opening Address: Prof Walter Schweitzer, President of the University of Passau
09.30–10.30: Keynote 1: Marie-Laure Ryan (Boulder, CO): “Transfictionality, transmediality, and Internet storytelling”

10.30–11.00: Coffee break

Session II – Chair: Martin Paulsen
11.00–11.30: Michael Gorham (University of Florida): “Tweeting Dmitrii and His Blogging Bureaucrats: New Media’s Impact on Political Discourse”
11.30–12.00: Vlad Strukov (Leeds): Format vs. Language: Examining Russian Online Television Channels
12.00–12.30: Tine Roesen (Århus): “Social Network Snobs: The Russian snob.ru on the background of exclusive Anglo-American online networks”

12.30–15.00: Lunch break

Session III —Chair: Tine Roesen
15.00–15.30: Vera Zvereva (Moscow): “‘Russian Talk’ in Twitter”
15.30–16.00: Roman Leibov (Tartu): “Русская стиховая культура в эпоху интернета: стихотворения на случай”
16.00–16.30: Ellen Rutten (Bergen): “Hyping the Writer’s Typo: Russian Rage or Global Trend?”

16.30–17.00: Coffee break

Session IV — Chair: Michael Gorham
17.00–18.00: Keynote 2: Susan Herring (Indiana; via Skype) and Ewa Callahan (Quinnipiac University): “Russian Language Use in Two Multilingual Internet Contexts”

20.00: Dinner at Zum Grünen Baum


Saturday 5 February

Session V —Chair: Ellen Rutten
09.00–09.30: Sandra Birzer (Regensburg): “Sociolinguistic Specificities of Transliterated Russian E-mails”
09.30–10.00: Alexander Berdichevsky (Bergen): “The Language of Russian Instant Messaging: Peculiarities and Commonalities”
10.00–10.30: Ingunn Lunde (Bergen): “Varieties of Computer-Mediated Metalanguage”

10.30–11.00: Coffee break

Session VI — Chair: Lara Ryazanova-Clarke
11.00–11.30: Alla Nedashkivska (Edmonton): “The Language Situation of Cyber Ukraine”
11.30–12.00: Martin Paulsen (Bergen): “ByNet — Just Another National Internet?”
12.00–12.30: Galina Miazhevich (Oxford): “Recent Developments in the Post-Soviet New Media: Ukraine and Belarus”

12.45–15.00: Lunch break

Session VII — Chair: Alexander Berdichevsky
15.00–15.30: Daniel Müller (Gießen): «Словечки-ублюдки». Интернет-дебаты о состоянии русского литературного языка
15.30–16.00: Lara Ryazanova-Clarke (Edinburgh): “Russia Global: the Multimodality of the ‘Mir’ Project”

16:00–16.30: Coffee break

Session VIII – Chair: Ingunn Lunde
16.30–17.00: Gasan Guseinov (Moscow): “What Is It, to Be Global for Russian Language Communities?”
17.00–17.30: Dirk Uffelmann (Passau): “Towards a Cyberlinguistic Definition of Eurasia”
17.30–18.00: Concluding remarks/discussion

20.00: Dinner at Goldenes Schiff

* * *


CALL FOR PAPERS (30 August 2010)

It is time to invite the Future group to the third FoR conference, will take place in Passau, 3-6 February 2011, hosted by Dirk Uffelmann and his team, in cooperation with Ingunn Lunde.

The title of this particular conference is "The Russian Internet in a Global Context". We have seen a growth of studies on the multilingual internet* - but  research on the Russian/Slavic internet is still not part of the general field. Meanwhile, RuNet related research has established itself as a field of its own. It is, therefore, one of our aims with this conference to combine specialists and case studies of Russian internet culture with scholars and contributions from the general field of CMC-related linguistic research, digital culture and the like. Moreover, we should like all participants to view and present their (RuNet) topic in the relevant comparative or global context.


1 October 2009: conference registration with a tentative title/topic (send to dirk.uffelmann@uni-passau.de and ingunn.lunde@if.uib.no)
1 December 2009: paper title and abstract (300-500 words, send to dirk.uffelmann@uni-passau.de and ingunn.lunde@if.uib.no)

Conference languages: Russian and English; we recommend English, since our keynote speakers are from outside the field of Russian/Slavic studies.

Paper format: 20 min presentation, 10 min discussion (keynote: 40 min presentation, 20 min discussion)

Confirmed keynote speakers:
Susan C. Herring
Marie-Laure Ryan


Travel information

Please note that Thursday is day of arrival, Friday and Saturday are the days of the conference proper, while we plan a half-day excursion to Regensburg on Sunday.

As usual, the project will cover your travel expenses, accomodation (three nights) and meals in Passau. If any of you would like to prolong your stay in Passau by an extra day or two (at your own cost), we can assist you in questions of hotel bookings and the like. Let us know when you register for the conference by 1 October.

Meanwhile, do not hesitate in contacting us should you have any further questions at this point. All practical queries re extra days, arrival, departure, technical equipment etc, should be directed to Ms Katharina Kühn (katharina_kuehn@email.de).

Here is a link to the German Railways, Deutsche Bahn.

We look forward to seeing you in Passau in February 2011!