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Talks given at the first Future of Russian Conference

Below you will find a list of talks given at the first Future of Russian conference, 17-20 June 2009 in Bergen. Some of the talks/presentations are available for download, others may be requested by emailing the author. The copyright of all materials remains the property of the authors, who must be contacted for permission to quote.

Alexander Berdichevsky (Moscow/Bergen): Bash.org.ru: A Treasury of New Linguistic and Cultural Phenomena

Andrey Esaulov (Moscow):The Evolution of Russian Literary Internet and the Tradition of Oral Folk Text

Michael Gorham (Florida): Gramota.ru: Language Monitoring, Folk Linguistics, and the Battle for Norms in the Russian New Media (available by request)

Gasan Gusejnov (Leipzig/Moscow): The Pragmatics of the Collection of Linguistic Evidence Online (available for download)

Sergei Kuznetsov (Moscow): Дискуссии о "советском": русская блогосфера в поисках нового языка

Kåre Johan Mjør (Bergen): Russian Internet Culture and the Russian Literary Canon: On “The Fundamental Electronic Library of Russian Literature and Folklore” (under peer review)

Catharine Nepomnyashchy (New York): “Pushkin Places” on Runet (available by request)

Martin Paulsen (Bergen): East Slavonic Languages and the Latin Alphabet in the Era of New Technology (available for download soon)

Tine Roesen (Copenhagen): A New Intimacy? Authorial Self-Image and Reader Contact on Russian Writers’ Websites

Ellen Rutten (Bergen): “The Right to Swear”: Linguistic Imperfection in Russian Literary Blogs (available for download)

Lara Ryazanova-Clarke (Edinburgh): How Far is the West: The Old Meanings in the Age of New Technology (ppt available for download)

Henrike Schmidt (Berlin):  Ludus and Paidia: Russian Literature on the Internet between Game and Play (available by request)

Vera Zvereva (Moscow): «Йа как всегда сижу скучакаю...»: языки самоописания подростков-блоггеров (available by request)

Dirk Uffelmann (Passau): Pelevin-117.DIR (under peer-review)