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* May 2011: Core group member Aleksandrs Berdicevskis has made available two of his forthcoming articles: 1. Predictors of pluricentricity: lexical divergences between Latvian Russian and Russian Russian. In Proceedings of the "Russian Language Outside the Nation" conference, Edinburgh (in print), 2. «Орфографический» средний род: грамматическая инновация в языке русского Интернета [The "orthographic" neuter: a grammatical innovation in the Russian Internet language] //Вариативность в языке и коммуникации. М.: РГГУ (в печати).

* January 2011: A selection of papers from the F2 conference in Berlin is currently under consideration with a leading international journal.

* 25 November 2009: Vera Zvereva has kindly agreed to make her continuation of her Bergen guest lecture («Кто-нибудь этому верит???»: Практики чтения и обсуждения новостей в Рунете, available as podcast), available for download on the Future of Russian website. The paper is entitled "Comments on the Ru.net news: Speech formulas and cultural meanings", and can be downloaded on the bottom of this page.

* 23 October 2009 the book From Poets to Padonki: Linguistic Authority and Norm Negotiation in Modern Russian Culture was launched. It is the last major collective result of the Landslide of the Norm project, but also contains several articles relevant to the Future of Russian project. For more information, see here.