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Malignant melanoma

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Malignant melanoma is a cancer form with particularly poor response to conventional chemotherapy, but where novel immunotherapies hold great promise. We have two ongoing projects focusing on this disease: In one project, we study the clonal evolution of metastatic spread in advanced melanoma patients and assess how different metastases within the same patients are. In a second project we analyse the genetic causes behind the disease in families were individuals have a very high risk of developing melanoma at an early age.


Key publications: Birkeland, E., Zhang, S., Poduval, D., Geisler, J., Nakken, S., Vodak, D., Meza-Zepeda, L.A., Hovig, E., Myklebost, O., Knappskog, S., Lønning P.E. (2018) Patterns of genomic evolution in advanced melanoma. Nature Communications. Provisionally accepted.